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How B2B companies are picking up the speed in the B2C business

Entry strategies and practical tips for the step from the B2B to the B2C market

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More and more companies originally based in the B2B market are choosing to sell their products directly to the end customer – and with good reason: the step from the B2B to the B2C market gives manufacturers and retailers more than just direct access to their customers. They can also open up new sales markets and thus create new growth prospects.

However, before companies take this step they should consider the associated challenges. From ordering to distribution to payment, there are many barriers – which are very high for some manufacturers – that must be overcome on the way to achieving sales and reaching the necessary speed in the B2C market.

In an exclusive interview with Arvato Financial Solutions, e-commerce expert Stefan Mrozek explains what companies should keep in mind as they move from B2B to B2C business, and what benefits await them afterwards.


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