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How online shops are leveraging localized intelligence to boost sales and expand their business

Payment localization and business growth in Europe - A Study

While financial news from the high street is mixed at best, revenue growth for e-commerce continues to register in the double-digits. So for the big players, enlarging the footprint of their European e-commerce operations is a big priority. Doing this successfully, however, is another matter, and requires a detailed knowledge of local markets, and the shopping habits of the local consumers. In this report we’ll start by exploring the metrics that retailers use to plan out their international expansion, as well as the factors that make them think twice. We’ll see how data is being used as a Performance driver and what retailers need to see in that data before they expand into a new country. We’ll take a look at which payment options play into the mix when expanding into new regions.

In particular we will identify in which countries you absolutely must have a localized payment strategy if you really mean business. Finally, we will be looking at the risk of fraud in the context of international expansion, examining the strategies that retailers are using to mitigate risk, and the emerging trends that they have noticed in the market.


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