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How can you successfully optimise your dunning process?

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As part of receivables management, the dunning process is a key element for the relationship between businesses and consumers. Optimising this process should therefore be the focus for all businesses.  Through this, they will benefit in three ways: by maintaining customer relationships, by increasing willingness to pay, and by reducing costs in the entire receivables management process.

Utilizing digital technologies such as big data, robotic process automation, innovative payment methods and modern communication media plays an important role in meeting consumers’ needs and working in a customer-centric manner.

Our business insight "Because an optimised dunning process makes the difference" shows you how to optimize your dunning procedure and provides practical insights into the following areas:

  • Customer centricity, digitization, big data and payment methods
  • Communication optimization by choosing the right medium, the right timing and tonality
  • Segmentation of existing customer data as a starting point for agile, customer-specific processes


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